DeFi Liquidity Management

Growing your capital has never been easier thanks to Everbloom's optimized and automated service platform.

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Decentralized Finance

The parallel financial system leveraging blockchain technology. Everbloom is your technological partner ensuring optimal participation in this promising landscape.


Traditional finance has many gatekeepers and intermediaries, while decentralized finance is based on principles such as openness, transparency, open-source software and equitable distribution of profits.


Evolving and growing every day, it offers rewards for those who provide liquidity to these rising financial protocols. Being a Liquidity Provider is a craft of its own which deserves the best tools and guidance.

Decentralized Finance

Everbloom features

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Everbloom allows users to be in control of their assets at all times. Your funds are held and secured by blockchain smart contracts. This greatly reduces third party risk.



Everbloom has no deposit or withdrawal fees and no lock-up times. This assures maximum flexibility for your funds.



By pooling liquidity we reduce transaction costs and increase the frequency of compounding, resulting in higher returns.


Market Neutral

We generate returns without changing the original asset exposure of the user. Everbloom is profitable, regardless of market performance.



Everbloom is a fully automated solution that uses advanced yield farming strategies that go beyond human capabilities.



Battle-tested and audited smart contracts minimize potential losses and allow you to benefit from DeFi in the safest way possible.

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Easy to use

Deposit and withdraw with a click of a button, Everbloom handles the complexity while you see your balance grow.

Everbloom, sustainable yields, all year round.

Start growing your capital today with Everbloom. The best solution at the cutting edge of finance.